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Our Productivity Workshops

Veamly is partnering up with productivity and time management coach Alexis Haselberger to bring you a personalized workshop to help you take your focus back and leave work done at work.

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As an engineer, you get pulled into different directions every day: a meeting here, a slack notification there, your manager asks you to reply to their last email, a coworker reaches out to you to fix a bug, the loop is endless! You come back home at the end of the day unsatisfied and angry because you didn't get anything done. Good news is there is a better way! Let our awesome productivity experts give you the magic recipe and sign up for the workshops below!

Emna Ghariani, Veamly co-founder & CEO
Founder and CEO of Veamly with +8 years in engineering, process optimization and operations. Startup enthusiast and advisor who coached +100 founders in Silicon Valley, Europe and Africa. She believes that streamlined communication and digital balance are the new essential core components to a healthy productive self.
Alexis Haselberger, Productivity coach
A productivity, time-management and efficiency expert (aka nerd).She spent the first 15+ years of her career managing operations and HR at several early-stage start-ups, where there was always way more to do than people to do it. But she also believes that work-life balance is essential for everyone, even though the definition may be different for everyone.

Our upcoming workshops

March 24, 2020

How to achieve digital wellbeing

April 23, 2020

How to be responsive to others but not let others distract you

May 28, 2020

Your top focus techniques

June 25, 2020

Team communication norms & productivity habits

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