Veamly is your gateway to a happy life.

Veamly helps get you to a true focus zone. Imagine a world where you leave work at work and be fully present at home with your loved ones. Work/Life balance is within you reach and this is what's that like.

Mindful Productivity

Be fully present and intentional with every task you add to your backlog.

True focus

Get into a state of flow while writing your best code. Shipping new features requires a certain state of mind.

Work/Life balance

Working on something you love is what makes life worth living. But life is much more than just work.

Remote Work Friendly

Working from home or a coffee shop? Maybe your team is fully distributed? Either way, remote work is here to stay and we back it up.

The power of neuro science

We harness the power of neuroscience to get you the latest features, design and collaboration tips to excel in your work.


We believe happiness is crucial in everything one do. Waking up everyday energized and ready to make a dent in the universe is the key to a good life

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