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Information overload is killing productivity

Conversations today are happening across all collaboration tools, not in chat and email only anymore. People waste hours a day digging through them

We need a better way to navigate through it

How to avoid context switching? How to get rid of the noise to be better focused? Which channel should you tackle first?

Proactive productivity is the answer

Being proactively productive here is by letting the power of the machine help get through all your conversational faster by pre-processing it for you

Why Veamly for better productivity

Veamly is your first step towards proactive productivity. Our platform helps you cut the noise and focus on your important work.

Centralized cross-source of information

All your conversations happening across tools in one single feed

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Easy & Quick action cross-tools

Quickly process all incoming conversations whether inside Veamly or with external actions like sending a reply to the original tool or creating a ticket

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Activity details and associations

Find all details concerning a particular conversation here, all actions done on it and most importantly all its related information across different tools.

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Key features

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Veamly prioritizes for you based on the conversation content context using natural language processing and machine learning then personalizes it based on your preferences.

Centralized workstation

Veamly integrates your collaboration tools in a seamless way so that you don’t feel a change in your workflow and still are able to access them all in one place.

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veamly analytics


Veamly provides you with reports on your productivity performance, on all outstanding conversations while signaling you to help you process anything unprocessed.

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