Why Veamly?

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Information overload is killing productivity

This is the golden era of collaboration apps yet the more we have of them, the less productive we are.

We need a better way to navigate through it

How to avoid context switching between all the collaboration apps?
How to get rid of the noise for better focus and visibility?

A searchable unified feed while natively accessing all your apps is the answer

Get a quick overview of what’s going across your apps, prioritizing where your attention should be and tracking it all.

Why Veamly for better productivity

Veamly put all your collaboration apps in one place and gives you on top one smart view across all of them with intuitive actions.

Centralized cross-source of information

See what's happening across all your collaboration apps in one single feed

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Unified Search

Say goodbye to the feeling you get when you can’t recall where you saw something last. Search for anything across your apps by keyword, app or date.

veamly unified search across different apps

Activity details and actions

Find all details concerning a particular conversation here, all actions done on it and most importantly all related information to it across apps

assign to, create jira ticket in Veamly

Key features

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A cross-apps feed

See all your conversations across your apps in one feed. Whether it is a Jira comment or a slack message, you can easily send quick reply, star it to keep track of it or simply archive it.

Centralized workstation

Veamly integrates your collaboration apps in a seamless way so that you don’t feel a change in your workflow and still are able to access them all in one place.

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Search everything across your apps on veamly

Unified Search

Search everything across your apps from one platform. You can find anything by author, app, keywords or specific date anywhere across your apps.

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