The secrets to maximizing your productivity with entrepreneur & top columnist Nicolas Cole

We live in a world where notifications are constantly interrupting our lives, where conversations across apps and their random frequency are making us less productive and causing intense frustration. Trying to keep up with the flow means you are heading towards one final destination: Burnout. How can you still do great work while keeping a clear mind? What’s the secret of effective collaboration?

Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with top columnist and entrepreneur to uncover the secret sauce of his ultimate productivity as well as the best practices of effective collaboration.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to build powerful habits and maintain a clear mind
  • How to collaborate efficiently in the workplace
  • How to get things done 3X times faster

Hosted by

Emna Ghariani, CEO of Veamly
Emna Ghariani


Emna Ghariani

Founder and CEO of Veamly with +8 years in sales/ marketing and streamlining processes. Startup enthusiast and advisor who coached +100 founders in Silicon Valley, Europe and Africa.

Nicolas Cole
Nicolas Cole

Nicolas Cole

Nicolas Cole is the founder of Digital Press, a content marketing agency that turns founders, executives, and entrepreneurs into world-renowned thought leaders. As an author, Cole is a 4x Top Writer on Quora and Top 30 Columnist for Inc Magazine with over 50 million views on his work. His writing has appeared in TIME, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, CNBC, The Chicago Tribune, and more.