Seamless Communication across engineering teams

Successful engineering teams are not necessarily the ones with the sharpest technical skills only. A great deal of the day to day involves effective communication and collaboration.

Our CEO Emna Ghariani sits down with Gwen Faraday to highlight the importance of effective communication in moving lean products forward.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to deal with daily distractions
  • How to get visibility across projects
  • How to kill information overfload

Hosted by

Emna Ghariani, CEO of Veamly
Emna Ghariani


Emna Ghariani

Founder and CEO of Veamly with +8 years in sales/ marketing and streamlining processes. Startup enthusiast and advisor who coached +100 founders in Silicon Valley, Europe and Africa.

Gwen, Senior Software Engineer
Gwen Faraday

Senior Software Engineer

Gwen Faraday

Senior software developer who is passionate about productivity and education. She is an international speaker and runs local meetup groups to get people interested in programming and new technologies.

Staying focused while working on the computer is never easy
Gwen Faraday - Senior Software Engineer