Our Story

How many hours did you work this week? Did you work on the weekends too?

60, 80, 100 HOURS! The answers to these questions might be straightforward but actually reveal an ugly truth about our questionable work ethics. The hustle has become the new norm, the motto of the ultimate success. Yet, at its core, it provides an answer to one simple but crucial life-altering question:

Are we spending our time intentionally?

Today, developers get interrupted every 11 min on average and it takes them 23 min and 15 sec to focus again. Let's say your engineer is getting 100 messages a day across slack, jira, github, email, and similar apps. If they spend 2 min on average on each message, that’s 3 hours and 20 min of their day. Add to that two “1 hour” meetings, and that leaves them theoretically with 1hr and 40 min to do actual work. In the long run, this causes them to work over time, over the weekend, pretty much all the time. An overstressed unhappy engineer is an unproductive engineer.

They say software is eating the world. But what’s worse is that building software is eating software engineers.

At Veamly, we have a dream that one day we will break the unhealthy relationship with work. And you will be present at home with your loved ones, with your family and friends. At the end of the day, you always regret the things that you didn't do; missing your kid soccer practice, arriving on time for a date with your significant other or going on a camping trip you've always put off. Being there with our loved ones is what makes life worth living, isn't that worth fighting for?

We are building the world of tomorrow: the future of work.

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