Slack integration

Veamly analyzes the conversations happening in selected Slack channels using AI. It then escalates your important messages in real time so you know which priorities to tackle first. Veamly can understand what needs your attention and even judge what is the priority level linked to a particular thread.

How does it work?

  • Go to and register.
  • Go to Integrations page and click on the Add button under Slack.

    slack veamly integration
  • Log into the Slack workspace you wish to integrate then click on Authorize (note that you need to be an administrator of that Slack workspace).

How to use Veamly with Slack?

  • On Boards page, click on the + sign to create a new board.
  • Fill in the information then select the Slack workspace you wish to synchronize to that board.
  • Select all the channels you want to monitor.
  • On Slack, go to each of the selected channels and type “@veamly”.
  • The following message will show up. Click on “invite them to join”.
    slack veamly bot
  • You are all set! Veamly will monitor your channels and escalate any message that need your attention.

Slack Integration Support

For questions or help with your Slack integration, please contact us at