Veamly will help you bring all your favorite tools in one place with one click integrations. If you are missing one, please drop us a quick line in chat and we will put it on our roadmap!

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Connect your Slack and start watching your top messages in the different channels. Veamly will automatically escalate, prioritize them and give you the option to act on them.

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Connect your Jira or Confluence and create tickets directly from Veamly, while seeing your comments in your priority feed so you never waste time figuring out where to focus first.

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Connect your intercom and make sure to have time to get back to any potential lead or current customer while getting on top of your game for all other conversations happening across your tools.

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Connect your Zendesk and be on top of your customer conversations. Make sure they are your priority at the right time while never missing out responding in a timely manner. You can also create Zendesk tickets directly from Veamly

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Connect your gmail and get your top emails prioritized with all the other conversations you need to be looking at in one single feed so you can make fast decisions and quick replies.

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Connect your Salesforce so you can have a better context on priority in your feed based on the most important customers and know anything that happens with any of your top leads.