7 things to make the most of Zendesk relate

November 12, 2018


7 things to make the most of Zendesk relate

Are you attending Zendesk Relate this week? We are too! We wanted to share with you our last minute checklist of the Zendesk Relate conference to make sure you are ready for the big event.

Download the Zendesk Relate app

It goes without saying that you need this app if you want to make sure you’re on top of everything during the event.





The app is available on Android and Iphone.

To start using it, sign up with your work email and you’re done. You can  check the attendees, sessions etc.


Power banks and a solid data plan for your phone

You never know when the right moment strikes!

During the event eventually, you will take pictures and live footage with your phone to share on social media. To make the process as painless as possible, you should have a couple of power banks and a solid data plan so that you have internet access.

Put all emergency numbers in one place

San Francisco is a big city. You never know what could happen. Your security should be your priority. Compile a list of emergency numbers and put them in one place ideally both on your phone and a physical notepad in your pocket or bag.

For more security tips, don’t forget to check Zendesk Relate travel guide.

Create a list of the most important sessions you are interested in

3 days, 5 tracks, 200 speakers and 1500 attendees. Zendesk Relate is certainly huge this year.

The bad news though is that some sessions will happen at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s not humanly possible to be in two places at the same time. That’s why you need to prioritize sessions based on their urgency and relevancy to your business. You may also dispatch your teammates to cover the whole spectrum.

Besides, you should have a notepad to take notes during the sessions or participate in Q&A. This is super important especially if you are planning to write blogs afterwards.

Seize Networking opportunities

Whether you are a social  butterfly or not, you can’t deny that conferences is a chance to build relationships with like minded people. Only problem is you are not good at it. Or perhaps, you just hate being the center of attention. Zendesk Relate thought about you and published a great networking guide.

We recommend not sticking to the networking breaks only. Say hi to your neighbors in the exhibit hall. There is always an opportunity to connect with a beautiful mind.

Make Room for unexpected events

By the time you’re reading these words, you  probably packed everything up and you have a whole plan beforehand. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to keep some excitement. In events, no matter how prepared you are, there’s always something that doesn’t go with the plan. When that happens, go with the flow and make the most of the session you are at or the person you are meeting.

Stay positive and make the most out of the experience. One does not simply attend Zendesk Relate and doesn’t enjoy it to the fullest.

Over communicate with your team

It doesn’t matter if you are attending Zendesk Relate solo or with few colleagues, communicating with your team is essential. And remember teamwork always wins. At Veamly, we rely on Slack to stay up to date.

Next week we will definitely share what we learned from the conference. Follow us on Twitter. We have a lot of action going on there!

See you soon!

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