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About Veamly

We believe excellence is achieved through better communication. We empower people to excel by building tools that streamline communication. Ultimately, we want to help people be less overwhelmed by information , better communicator and truly produdctive

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Our Team

Emna Ghariani, CEO of Veamly
Emna Ghariani

Ramzi Maalej, CTO of Veamly
Ramzi Maalej

Soumaya Ben Beya, People Operations Manager at veamly
Soumaya Ben Beya

Skander Mansouri, a software engineer at Veamly
Skander Mansouri

Software Engineer
Ines Badra, Junior Marketing Analyst at Veamly
Ines Badra

Junior Marketing Analyst
Azzen Abidi, a junior content marketer at Veamly
Azzen Abidi

Junior Content Marketer
Salim Ben Hassine, a software engineer at Veamly
Salim Ben Hassine

Software Engineer
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Join us!

Working at Veamly

Our culture is our driver. We take the time to be greatful, to mediate , to celebrate the wins as a team every week and to express our frustrations.
We do daily yoga of laughter , we dance and we have fun building our dream together.
We are big fans of proactiveness , resourcefulness and creativity. We give everyone the chance to move forward, to be challenged, to take risks and to learn from them.

Our Values

We truly live and abide by our values. They are part of each and every Veamler.

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Communication , 2 chat bubbles


Empathy , A heart filled yellow and red


Self-awareness , Arrows representing thought input


Curiosity , a blue cogwheel behind a yellow question mark


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