No more time wasted digging for hours. No more unclear priorities.
Track all important information from the comfort of your watchboard.




How it works!


Veamly escalates the important messages as soon as they appear on your integrated tools (Slack, Jira, GitHub, and Bitbucket) so they can be managed right away.



Veamly logs and groups the important messages by priority levels and gives you the freedom to move them across when needed.


All you have to do is

Integrate your tools.


Invite your team.


And we take it from there!


Gather information

Veamly cherry-picks the important pieces of information, labels them, and logs them based on their priority level for you to address them.


Analyze data

Veamly processes the information traffic and contextualizes it based on what’s important to you.


Keep a watchlist

Veamly helps you keep a watchlist of all the detected important messages that you need to keep a close eye on.



We give you the ability to dig deeper into any thread of messages by linking it back to its source.


Manage priorities

Veamly sorts important messages on different priority levels and groups them under corresponding labels.


Label your messages

Veamly solves the issue of spam by standardizing labels used to sort the escalated messages.

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What Product Managers think

About us


Teams are what make a company. They work together tirelessly, business and tech, to keep the products we use as we know them. That’s why processing the important information immediately is essentially crucial to their success, for them to always stay ahead of the curve.

At Veamly, we are committed to helping them optimize their time by helping them skim through information faster. We integrate their in-house tools, analyze, and flag all the important conversations according to their own context. We help users keep track of all that needs their attention by logging and labeling what’s important, accordingly.

We simply turn communication chaos into clearly curated information.



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