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Does this vicious cycle sound familiar?

Playing catch-up

Getting back to customers in a timely manner is really tough, but it also means you’re constantly playing catch-up in every single channel, all-day everyday.

Channel overload

There’s a million different channels customers can reach you on—and sometimes the same request from the same person comes in from Slack, email, Zendesk, and so much more.

Burned time on “digging”

You spend tons of time searching for that one message from.. Wait who said that again? Didn’t that come through email? Or was it Slack?

Pressure to respond

You love talking to customers, but find live chat and communication tools like Slack to be overwhelming. What’s the most important thing to respond to?

If you nodded ‘yes’ to any of these, there’s 100% a better way

Your time is precious, so bring all of your channels into one communication platform that can do the prioritization for you

Gather information

Veamly cherry-picks the important support messages, labels them, and logs them based on their priority level for you to address them.

Keep a watchlist

Veamly helps you keep a watchlist of all the top support messages that you need to keep a close eye on.

Manage priorities

Veamly prioritizes support messages based on your CS context, and labels them for easy access and escalation.

Analyze data

Veamly processes the inbound support messages and contextualizes it based on what’s important to you.


Veamly gives you the ability to dig deeper into any thread of customer messages by linking it back to its source.​

Fast action

Veamly suggests action to help you optimize processing support messages like pre-populating Jira tickets.

Veamly has been a game-changer for us in prioritizing customer messages for support! Having a central dashboard for all incoming requests that labels and prioritizes Slack discussions enables us to focus on important issues first without browsing through a multitude of channels.

Sven Maschek Head of Operations and Customer Support, Hull

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